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Marketra Group (Malaysia) 

the future

Marketra Group of companies (MG) is primarily involved in the distribution and marketing of various high-technology products and services for the ASEAN region.

Marketra Group

ARRA Networks

Bridging the Last Mile, Closing the Gap

ARRA Networks was established to leverage the technological power of blockchain to create a decentralised last-mile infrastructure.

Arra Networks Intellectual Property Portfolio:
Marketra Group outdoor-router-maketra-arra-networks
Marketra Group solar-router-maketra-arra-networks

Self- generating, self-healing, multi-layered network, mesh router which is a modular communications solution that requires no IT support or complicated interaction.

Marketra Group (Malaysia) 

Represents the top-notch world-renowned technology organisations

Marketra Group formulates strategic alliances and collaborates with “second to none” technology providers to fulfil “end-to-end holistic business solutions for their clients regionally”. 


Marketra Group, through its various subsidiaries and business divisions, represent many top-notch world-renowned technology organisations in many different technology sectors and verticals.

* Marketra ARRA Networks Sdn Bhd (MAN) is a joint venture company between Marketra Holdings Sdn Bhd (Marketra Group) and Arra Holdings Inc of the U.S.A. 

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