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Marketra Technologist

Marketra Technologist is a technology marketing agency organisation, and its mission is to acquire highly innovative and technological products and services to be marketed throughout the ASEAN region.
The organisation consists of various divisions:

Engineering Division

Hi-tech Security System Division

Information and Communication Technology Division

Fintech Division

These various divisions collaborate with “second to none” top technology brands and leaders within their own domain expertise to provide targeted and unique products, systems, and services provisioning for the market and clients.

Marketra Technologist

Most of its technology collaboration services provisioning is synergised and integrated into the Blockchain-based Mesh Wifi Network backbone, which is a Multi-Service, Multi-Tenant, and Multi-Platform network provisioned to the market by its sister company; Marketra ARRA Networks to generate multiple revenue streams for the Group.

Please visit their official website for further information.

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